Residential areas

G2 - The Creative Quarter

Not found anywhere else in the region, an attractive mixed district enabling combined living and working along Robert-Schuman-Allee has been emerging on the Petrisberg since 2009. Based on the motto “work downstairs – live upstairs”, the properties particularly target service-providers, such as doctors, lawyers or designers, who wish to realise their dream from home in an individual, unique construction.

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Contact persons: Herr Jan H. Eitel, Frau Melanie Baumeister, Herr Christoph Schwartz

Impressions and plans
    W1: Privately owned homes and apartments above the Brettenbach Valley & Living at the Wasserband

    Individual single-family homes and spacious apartment blocks with exclusive free-hold and stylish penthouse apartments have been emerging on Robert-Schuman-Allee between the Wasserband and Luxembourg Tower since 2003 – including a spectacular view over the Brettenbach Valley!

    The first twelve single-family homes were built just a few metres from the water’s edge as part of the “Living at the Wasserband” project, based on a courtyard concept. Taking into account particularly ecological construction materials, a courtyard complex just as diverse as it is colourful and harmonious has also been built, comprising front-facing and rear-facing buildings, as well as a courtyard garden in the middle. These unusual construction projects were part of the “Petrisberg construction exhibition” during the Landesgartenschau 2004 (regional garden show). The ten private residential homes have been inspected many times, and won several awards for their design and realisation.

    Impressions and Plans
      W2: Living at the Maronenhain

      Unlike all the other building sections, a residential district was established from a single source at the Maronenhain park complex between 2005 and 2007. The developer project, which won a competition initiated by EGP, has been designed and implemented by KE.Design, in co-operation with the construction firm Matthias Ruppert, as turn-key townhouses and courtyard houses with living areas of between 125 and 200 square metres. The main focus is the combination of ecological area concepts with individual spatial designs.

      Impressions and Plans
        W3: Individual privately own homes and & Living at Lindenplatz

        Free-standing single-family homes and flexible courtyard houses were built on spacious blocks of land around the water tower and Lindenplatz, between Panoramaweg (scenic path) and the city forest, from 2006 to 2008. The positive experiences of the “Living at the Wasserband” project could particularly be built on when designing the courtyard houses. Unlike the first courtyard houses, L or U-shaped structures, or structures with front-facing and rear-facing buildings, emerged here as a “courtyard community” on plots of land with areas up to 400 square metres. One of the challenges here was to arrange windows and façades to ensure each party had the highest degree of residential privacy.

        Impressions and Plans
          W4: Free-standing dream houses & courtyards

          Individual free-standing single-family homes with modern architecture are being built along the Panoramaweg (scenic path) in the final W4 residential area on the ridge of the New Petrisberg, with spectacular views over the Brettenbach Valley. One of the main focuses of W4 is on communal ways of living. This means there is a crucial difference to the classic courtyard communities of earlier times: the focus is no longer on common administration, but rather on co-habitation. Contemporary new interpretations of this classic method of construction have thus been erected on blocks of land up to 1100 square metres in size in the most beautiful location by the forest since 2008. Clusters of five houses are arranged around a common interior courtyard, and thereby offer neighbourhood-like proximity at the same time as private residential pleasure.

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          Contact person: Frau Melanie Baumeister

          Impressions and Plans

            Residential construction projects

            Petrisberg-Entrée - Living next to the Tower of Luxembourg - a multi-generation and multi-possibility project

            At the southern end of the Creative Quarter and next to the non-buildable area, a high-quality multi-generational residential property will be built, the "Petrisberg-Entrée". The housing project overlooking the Tower of Luxembourg will combine small one-to-two-room apartments, - barrier-free and suitable for seniors and plus the extra that makes the difference -, with penthouses including roof terrace and views, or duplex apartments offering a clever use of space (and individualised entrances). For everyone the right home!
            Of course, in the Petrisberg building style offering a distinctive architecture (Architects office Stein Hemmes Wirtz) and fresh new ideas.

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            Contacts: Frau Melanie Baumeister, Herr Jan H. Eitel, Herr Christoph Schwartz

            Impressions, Exposé, Overview
              Suitedreams - Living at the Wasserband

              A new address for living and working is being established with extraordinary architecture in the best location, right by the car-free Wasserband.
              Prestigious office premises, practices and workshops are being built over an area of 90 to 164 square metres. Separate from or – depending on personal requirements – also together with these, free-hold apartments with spectacular views over the Brettenbach Valley are similarly going up

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              Contact persons: Herr Jan H. Eitel, Herr Christoph Schwartz

              Impressions and Exposé
                Units on the Petrisberg

                Have you ever thought how nice it would be to live in your own house with a quiet garden and courtyard area right next-door for the children to play in carefreely? Do you place a lot of emphasis on individuality, and wish for something exceptional? In this case, we can recommend the unit concept.
                Its basic principle is simple: several families tram up, hire an architect, and carry out a joint construction project simultaneously. And this can be one of many things: a new cluster of houses, or the restoration of an old treasure.

                W4 units
                Two unit complexes are already under construction on the New Petrisberg: in W4, Courtyard 2, led by syncron, and courtyard 5, assisted and implemented by the architecture firm, Planidee.
                Contact for residential area W4 - Courtyard 2:
                Ingenieurgesellschaft syncron mbH, Tel. 06501 – 99797
                Contact for residential area W4 - Courtyard 5:
                PLANIDEE, Tel. 0651 – 827550, kontakt,

                G2 units
                The courtyard idea also appealed to ZWEIPLUS Architektur GbR. Two families – the designing and executing architects – are seeking two more families for their residential plan. Their courtyard is being built in G2 – The Creative Quarter. It is distinguished by modern architecture with flexible floor plans, whereby the four planned single-family homes meet a high ecological standard – they uphold at least the KfW (Reconstruction Loan Bank) Energy Efficiency House 70 limit values, and are being built as wooden constructions. Of course, each family will have their own home and land with private terrace area, but there will also be a protected, separate garden which can be used by everyone.
                ZWEIPLUS Architektur GbR, petrisberg, Tel. 01578 – 2418379

                “Panzerhalle” in W4
                Engel + Krejcirik have a specific idea of how you want to live personally – in a loft. The unique opportunity to do this is being presented in W4, in the Panzerhalle (tanks hall). The spatial qualities of this building were experienced during the Landesgartenschau 2004 (regional garden show), when this building served as the stage for various works of art.
                Contact person for residential area W4 – Panzerhalle:
                Engel + Krejcirik architekten, Tel. 0651 – 9945911, mail,

                Anyone who is interested in an extraordinary construction project with a lot of taste for SPACE should contact the planning architects. They know that units are not yet run of the mill in Trier, but they are on the New Petrisberg – their designers and implementers are attending to the matter with a great deal of dedication and conviction – they want to design, build and live themselves.

                Contact person at the EGP: Frau Melanie Baumeister

                  Student residences on the New Petrisberg

                  The New Petrisberg, and particularly the WIP Science Park Trier, is closely involved with Trier’s tertiary institutions – in terms of both content and space. The main campus I and campus II of the University form a joint research, knowledge and business unit with the WIP. Apart from this, the WIP is also the junction between tertiary institutions and economics in the region. The institutions offer great potential with highly qualified workers, and the businesses at the WIP benefit from this, as does the regional labour market – the so-called “Brain Drain” to Luxembourg and other urban districts is reduced. Connecting university institutes and facilities with the businesses in the WIP early on is crucial for this.

                  Developing student residences on the New Petrisberg is thus a logical and sensible continuation of the successful Petrisberg development. This constitutes an important addition to the existing student residences near campuses in Trier, given the existing living space problems and the increasing student numbers in years to come.

                  “The Flag” student residence
                  Investor: Dr. Rudolf Muhr and his company RMV Wohnungsvermietung GmbH
                  Residential units: 204 student apartments
                  Occupation: from the 2010 winter semester
                  Mail: mail

                  „G2 Student Campus“
                  Investor: Matthias Ruppert GmbH & Co KG
                  Residential units: 64 apartments (size from 21 m² to 44 m², some double apartments)
                  Occupation: from the 2010 winter semester
                  Volksbank Trier - Frau Thommes
                  Tel.: +49 651 97 97 597
                  Mail: anne.thommes